Night Sky Adventures will be a fun and educational experience for everyone, but there are a few things to remember to make the experience even more memorable.

– Wear Warm clothing.

Remember, Night Sky Adventures happens at night. We will be outside for two or more hours enjoying the wonders of the universe without generating much heat, but the stars are hard to enjoy if you are shivering. If we are at a higher altitude it can get very cold even in summer. At 10,000 feet it can be below freezing. Dress more warmly or bring more layers than you think you need. You can always take it off if you are too warm, but you can’t put it on if you left it at home.

Remember: It is easier to stay warm than to get warm. Put it on before you are cold.

– Leave the flashlights at home, or in a pocket.

White light, even for and instant, will affect your night vision. It can take most of an hour before dim objects can be seen again even if you only use the light for a very brief time. If you need a light to get around Night Sky Adventures can provide a night vision safe red light for you, or bring your own or buy one here. Also, don’t forget your vehicles dome light. Get everything you need out of the car before we start. Your vehicles interior lights will damage everyone’s night adaptation as well.

– Small Children. Maybe?

Night Sky Adventures is a fun educational program for most everyone, but sometimes little ones, well… just don’t get it. Most children under 6 and even some older children might not have the understanding or patience to stand outside talking about the stars for 2+ hours. Also the dark can be a big factor in their lives. If in doubt, don’t.

– Bring Binoculars.

Even the least expensive opera glasses can give you incredible views of the heavens. I will at times during the evening point out celestial objects that can only truly be enjoyed with binoculars. Binoculars are also a great way to start out in the hobby of astronomy without a lot of expense. Buy astronomy binoculars here.

– Leave Pets.

Please leave at home. Sometimes we are in areas with wildlife. Dogs and deer, coyotes, or cows don’t mix well.

– Ask lots of questions.

There is a lot of information stuck up in this head and sometimes I forget to give out important and valuable information. Ask lots of questions and we might both learn something new.

Thanks for following these guidelines, and I am sure you will have a great time at Night Sky Adventures.