Tours at Your Place*

*You must provide a suitable location for an extremely large telescope, and permission from the facility or land management to use the site for an astronomy tour. Contact me for telescope site requirements.

With Night Sky Adventures™ I will bring my experience, expertise, and equipment to your lodge, guest ranch, conference center, camp, B&B, or home. Special events, camp outs, family reunions, corporate meetings, and dinner specials, are all wonderful events to enhance with a Night Sky Adventures™ Universe Tour.

Private group Tours at Your Place rates start at only $600.00 per event for an exclusive tour of the night sky of at least 1.5 hours with one of the largest telescopes in New Mexico. Travel within 90 minutes of Raton NM included. Additional hours of travel calculated at $50 per hour, each way.

Night Sky Adventures™ is an exciting choice for your event. If you are hosting 20 people, that’s only $25 per person for expertly guided tours with one of the largest portable telescopes in NM.

Night Sky Adventures™ as additional entertainment

Another option is the “Roam in”. I set up the telescope(s) in a prominent space, and guests at your facility or event drop by and look at a few objects on their way to another part of your event or facility. This is not a “tour”, and the time frame is as long as people continue to stop by the telescope. This is the best option for dinners, concerts, or other events where astronomy is not the main attraction.

Price same as a group tour.

Summer dates around the new moon fill up fastest and are the best for viewing. Contact early for best dates. Check the moon here.

Click on Contact Me for booking reservations.

Educational institutions: Please contact me for my school group policy.

Cancellation policy

Night Sky Adventures™ will not cancel. Unless I have extenuating circumstances like an illness or accident etc. I will still show up. Cancellation for weather is entirely up to the client. If you feel the weather may be cloudy, or there may be inclement weather for the event, you need to contact me before I leave and drive to your location. If I bring my equipment to your site and it is >75% cloudy, or raining, I still expect 50% of our agreed upon fees. If it is cloudy and I can show your group at least 2 bright objects i.e. the moon, Jupiter, other bright planet, I expect 75% of our agreed upon fee. Any 3 or more objects, and/or telescope viewing for at least an hour, and 100% will be expected. 6/18/19

Payment is expected at time services are rendered.

Full Moon is not the best time to view. Click Here and see why.